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Girlfriend and I were interested in knowing if any other couples out there ever make money fucking on cam? Until you guys go for a real job, and someone finds it and it stops being 'lulz'.

She needs a real job but we were tossing around the idea for lulz. Seriously, I'd tell you guys, especially her being a woman to stay away from it.

Who knows why, I don't understand the fetish, but it was easy enough, so why not? But being dedicated, having a regular schedule, and really getting "close" to your regular customers... I had a guy spend over a thousand bucks on me over the course of a couple months, he was awesome.

Sometimes it can be really annoying, because you have freeloaders who are obviously not going to spend any money on you.

Or a career as a teacher or in the corporate world or for the government is closed off to them because too many people would find this activity unacceptable?You have to differentiate them between paying customers, but still treat those freeloaders with respect, that's all though, focus on the others who actually have money to spend!: P I know there are a lot of people into the balloon fetish, it may seem weird, but I had guys spend hundreds of bucks watching me blow up balloons and then play with them. just kidding, i don't know how hot that is either , but fetishes = regular customers, so as long as it's something you are comfortable with, those types of things are good tips for earning more money at it. Start with some photos of you both stripping and then record you two playing some.I would guess that getting a few good regular customers, and keeping them happy, would produce the best profit/time ratio for a noob couple.Yeah, when I was camming part time, I made decent money.

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I've seen girls do cams like this where their bf was off to the side, occasionally making an appearance. I know they have 'couples' and 'girls' sections, but I can't vouch for their pay rate vs other sites.

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