Dating women with huge tits

Dating women with huge tits

I was determined to get this chick and would do whatever it took to get her in bed.

The contrast between her huge rack and slim waist was completely boner-inducing.

Asian flat-chestedness keeps bringing me back to white women time and time again. However, there have been a few occasions where both Asian and white women have severely punished me for my love of the jugs.

He has traveled extensively and enjoys vacationing abroad from time to time. Given that I also really like Asian women, I’ve had some pretty depressing times, as you can imagine.

With her bra now off, I got my first good look at the titties I’ve been desiring so much… Not to mention, quickly after the bra came off, she squeezed them together and buried them in my face—I felt like I was being waterboarded.

She had what I unaffectionately call “forward-mounted armpit titties”—with stretch marks… It was like opening a Christmas present expecting a new Rolex and getting a lukewarm sack of reindeer shit instead. Things started off with her on top and her titties were wildly flopping around like a salmon caught in the mouth of a hungry grizzly bear.

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Undeterred, I stepped up the sexual innuendo in texting and continued the pursuit.

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