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'They just broke off, and the dentist pulled the rest out by the root.

Filling the gap with a partial denture was common in those days - even for a 12-year-old.' With two front teeth missing, the rest were vulnerable.

'It was very frightening - I thought I was going to choke,' James says.

'I was coughing and spluttering and went bright red.

Choking on his dentures was not quite the ending tough guy actor James Cosmo had pictured for himself.

But during the filming of To End All Wars, with fellow stars Kiefer Sutherland and Robert Carlyle, this was the awful prospect when a water torture scene in which he was playing a British Army officer went disastrously wrong.

It can just be cold water right after a wax, or if you're in a more upscale salon, there may be a soothing rose water toner available too. You probably won't get a perfect full leg or Brazilian wax unless you go to a salon.Hair that's shorter than one-quarter of an inch is too short to be pulled from the root. You'll just be pulling at the hair without removing it from the source, which means major pain.If your aesthetician doesn't mention a trim, don't be afraid to ask.'I've come off horses, and fought in medieval battles using axes, hammers and swords as well as fists.Getting your teeth knocked out is an occupational hazard.' Most accidents meant yet another trip to the dentist for James to have his teeth checked.

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Unfortunately, these are often ill-fitting and can move around the mouth, which not only makes eating uncomfortable but can cause sores. Furthermore, when you lose teeth, the jaw bone starts to erode, eventually causing shrunken cheeks.

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